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Have an nice day in the country around Steinlah!

In the following list you can find some information about Steinlah and its countryside. Unfortunately most of the homepages below are only written in german language. We hope that nevertheless you can find some interesting information (maps, e-mail adresses of tourist-information etc.)!

Wolfenbüttel Wolfenbüttel and environment

Touristic informations about Wolfenbüttel:

Natural preserve Elm-Lappwald:

Till Eulenspiegel - the rouge

The museum of Till Eulenspiegel in Schöppenstedt:

natural preserve Elm-Lappwald

museum of Till Eulenspiegel
national park Harz

St. Andreasberg
national park Harz and environment

Homepage of the national park:

St. Andreasberg, city in the national park:

Bad Harzburg:

Goslar: and

Bad Harzburg

Exhibition Hannover

royal gardens


Main homepage of Hannover:

Touristic homepage of Hannover:

Exhibition Hannover - in english:

The royal gardens in Hannover - in english:

The rain forest house:

the rain forest house

the museum of Wilhelm Busch in Hannover

Main homepage of Salzgitter:

Braunschweig and environment

Main homepage of Braunschweig:

Theatre of Braunschweig:

Environment of Braunschweig:

theatre of Braunschweig
planetarium in Wolfsburg

Main homepage of Wolfsburg:

Touristic information about Wolfsburg:

The planetarium in Wolfsburg:

Car city of Wolfsburg:

car city of Wolfsburg

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